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Brewing Instructions:

Brew for three to five minutes. Drink black, or with a little touch of milk.

The packaging says:

“From the foothills of the Himalayas – North East India. The high altitude, soil and climate of the Darjeeling plantations, at 6-7000 feet, are the conditions that create this unique taste of this tea. A light golden tea, which has a character likened to the muscatel grape. Ideal in the afternoon or as an elegant accompaniment with lunch. A delicate tasting tea.”

Tea Tasters Said:

A bit like Earl Grey, only weaker. Pale, savoury, slightly bitter tannin taste: “like sucking on a twopence piece”. Not a big hit with the tea testers, but considered quite a standard cup.

de-t-ailed feedback

Alex: Wouldn’t go well with food but was nice on its own. I wouldn't have a lot of it but the odd cup here and there makes for interesting drinking with some depth to the flavour. Slightly bitter. Light tasting. I added a little milk to take the edge off. Quite pleasant and refreshing. Reminded me a lot of Earl Grey. Is it Earl Grey? Go on, tell me!!!!

Lucy: Guess: Earl Grey?. Now this is a taste I cannot work out. You are not a cup of tetley's, yet you have a slight resemblance to an Earl Grey I met once.....? But you are not as strong in perfume and aroma as the Grey Earl. I wonder, are you a relative? I am afraid to say you have not tickled my taste buds in a way. I feel you perhaps taste too old fashioned tea-y for me (being a new age tea sipper I simply do not go for your type!). So, if you don't mind, I’d rather we didn't waste each other's time in arranging another date. Alas, I give up: baffled and defeated. Reveal yourself at once ,stranger!!

Stephen: Took quite a while to brew. Fortunately this time can be easily passed by eating cake, biscuits or other chocolate related items. When it was ready, it seemed quite a pale colour, with an almost savoury taste (although that may be to do with the chocolate I'd just scoffed). All in all, not bad but perhaps better suited to those who like their teeth where they are.

Paula: Teabag smelt less sweet than a regular one. Tea was slow to infuse and the colour was a bit weaker than I prefer, that said it had a strong tea taste. It reminds me a bit of a loose indian tea I have. I decided to add a dash of milk. The colour was a bit paler than I like (make mine a builders!). Felt it needed a dash of milk to soften the taste which is almost bitter. VERDICT: Stronger tea taste than it looked but a bit too bitter for my taste.

Paula’s boyfriend Mark:Yuck don't like this. When asked to elaborate....Looks thin and weak. Too much tannin. Metallic taste. Dry and chalky aftertaste. Reminds me of sucking on a twopence piece

Beccie: I got a really strong whiff of mint as soon as I opened the bag, however, I thought it tasted just like normal tea and was a bit bland. There was a bit of an aftertaste. My step dad said he found it "tasteless" and he "wouldn't fight over a box of PG Tips to have this one!" We thought it might go nicely with a currant bun or a piece of shortbread. Definitely not with chocolate, though, my step dad says! I didn't finish my cup – I wouldn't rush to have another, really.

Adele: This particular sunday found me amid a pile of paper work desperately trying to sort out my accounts and fill in my first ever tax return - what better time to use the power of tea to focus and de-stress my poor confused mind. On opening the bag a very herby possibly minty smell greeted my nose. Interesting I thought so I brewed as directed. Once the water had been poured on the herb smell totally disappeared and it just smelt like tea?!

Well I have to say that bag A wasn't my cup of tea at all - it was extremely bitter with strange after taste like licking a deodorant stick and I could feel the tannin coating my mouth and teeth with each sip. I decided to try it with some milk which was slightly more palatable but I think the date and walnut cake I had with it was the only reason I managed to drink the whole cup!

Linette: Having brewed my taster bags in a cup for the first round I learnt my lesson for round two and will from now on be brewing my teas in a one person teapot "nesting set", practical, and also the one of the only times I get round to using it...on to the results!

In a contrary fashion this was actually the last of the teas that I tasted. I needed something to divert myself from a (what turned out to be a quite long lived) cold. The teabag itself was non-descript (no easy to identify pyramid bags here) and smelled familiar. Which was interesting since I don't drink much in the way of teabagged tea outside of the office, preferring instead loose tea at home. I brewed it somewhere between the 3 and 5 minutes suggested and drank it black.

Again the flavour was familiar, but sadly not in a pleasant way, not for me anyway. I suspect this tea is actually nicer with milk but as I despise milk when I have a cold I never got round to trying it that way. A standard tea that I would use for the office, or keep solely for those people who ask me for "normal" tea, because it isn't my cup of tea.

Sabrina: Taking a rather more liberal bent to my tea tasting this time round I sniffed The bags and the tea as it brewed. I think I brewed the tea to the instructions but wasn't really paying attention. My first reaction with the shape of the teabags was to wonder if it was twinnings. Sipping it and thinking it a bit over brewed wondered if it wasn't twinnings English breakfast one of the few teas that I've taken only one drink of and then given away the teabags for. Adding milk and taking another swig made me think I wasn't far off the mark.

Sabrina’s Girlfriend Katherine's reaction was to ask if I'd overbrewed it as she considered it to be tannin with milk in. So we added more milk.

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