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(also known as RED BUSH TEA)

Brewing Instructions:

Add freshly boiled water and allow to brew for 2 – 4 minutes. Add sugar or honey to taste. Delicious with or without milk. Also with lemon, or as an iced tea with mint.

The packaging says:

Naturally caffine free. High in antioxidants that can help protect your immune system from free radicals. Low in tannin. Allows restful sleep. Tea for any time. Gentle and soothing, rooibos tea is well known for its many health properties.

Tea Testers Said:

most testers spotted this straight off as a Red Bush tea. A good, smooth taste, sweet smell. not at all bitter, refreshing, “eminently suppable” and goes well with a nice bun. Very drinkable, gentle and warm: a good afternoon tea. Fruity, woody and rich rather than tea tasting. Not recommended with honey. One tea tester said it tasted like pickled garlic. TeaandCake wonder where they stored the teabags.

de-t-ailed feedback

Alex: Roibos for sure. An interesting and exotic smell. Nice smooth taste with a hint of iron but without bitterness or tannins of regular tea. Very pleasant even when brewed quite strong. I would say its best drunk in the afternoon with a nice bun.

Lucy: Guess: Rooibosh without a faint shadow of a doubt!! Hello friend. I saw you last night, and I now start the day with you, my trusty brew, a hug from inside to soothe my senses and get me ready for a hard days work. I met you last year, and we have been inseparable ever since, I was not a drinker of tea before my lips met your hot liquid, and now I cannot get you out my mind all day long. I have also fallen head over heals for a cousin of yours, the Vanilla Redbush, definitely one for the sweet toothed, I could drink it till I drowned I tell you!!

Stephen:- brewed a lot quicker than the first and had a richer colour. Smelled quite sweet – somewhere between vanilla and fruity/leafy. Eminently suppable. Mr Churchill would no doubt inform me I'd never had it so good.

Paula: Teabag smelled fragrant. When infused had a pleasing warm colour Tastes light and refreshing-notes of rosehip? Quite fruity and rich flavour. Infused well but fruity rather than tea taste. Didn’t add milk as didn’t think it was necessary. Was satisfying as a hot drink but wouldn’t replace my usual cuppa

Paula’s Boyfriend Mark Fragrant smell and pleasing colour. Light and refreshing- touch of hibiscus? Nice natural taste, slightly sweet but not synthetic. Very drinkable. Can’t detect any tannins or caffine. Good for afternoon tea. Would drink again.

Beccie: I really liked this one - I think it could be dragonfly vanilla rooibus? I definitely think I've had it before. It was my favourite of the three, and I'd buy a box of these. It tasted light, suitable for the afternoon I think. I'd drink it whilst eating a chocolate digestive.

Adele: After I disappointing start I was looking forwards to bag B. The tea bags smelt lovely, really warming and I liked idea of putting honey in the drink as suggested by the brewing instructions. This tea was completely the opposite of bag a, gentle and warm on my taste buds. This was exactly what I needed to soothe my frazzled head Mmm lovely!

Linette: Tea B. The leaves of this tea stand out red in the bag, and a quick sniff confirms my suspicions. This is a rooiboos or redbush tea. Despite my general dislike of redbush, I have had reds I like so rather than dismiss it out of hand I pretend not to have noticed it is red and just follow the instructions. I allowed to brew for a generous two minutes and, in the spirit of discovery, decide to try it plain first, and then (because I had a sore throat) with honey as prescribed. The first cup pours a pleasant red colour, and the taste is smoother and far more pleasant than I expected. A nice, straight forward Rooiboos I can almost bring myself to like. So, then came the honey. Italian Corbezzolo honey. I would like to say it was a show of refined taste to be using honey from bees that have fed only on citrus plants, but it was in fact an act of desperation after the first four jars (all much milder honeys) failed to open. Oh dear, it was not nice with honey, certainly not with the VERY pungent honey I had. I added lemon in a last ditch attempt to make it drinkable and after one sip decided to chuck the whole lot down the sink. In summary, I will probably not drink this again but for those who would, I would recommend this plain, or with lemon, and sweetened with sugar if necessary, or if you *really* must have honey, maybe a nice mild version...

Sabrina: On drinking what was obviously a rooibos. I thought it a woody tea that smoothed with the addition of milk. That was until K called out from across the room “it tastes like the pickled garlic that’s in the fridge”. Go on think about it and drink. I'm afraid to say that after that for both of us that was the only flavour we could taste. K was firmly of the opinion that she would not be trying it again any time soon, not even finishing the cup.

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