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The Perfect (Rhubarb) Crumble

We have been searching long and hard for the perfect crumble recipe.
One which had a perfect sweetly-sour fruit layer, and crumble with a true, buttery crunch.

Delia failed us*. Nigella failed us*.
One day we left the cookbook alone, and made it up as we went along. And you know what? It was PERFECT. 

This makes enough to serve four (or two, with leftovers for tea tomorrow)


Fruit base

350g rhubarb - trim tops & tails and chop into small pieces
50g caster sugar

Crumble topping

150g plain flour (wholemeal if possible - it gives a farmhouse feel & extra crunch)
100g granulated sugar (bigger sugar grains give extra crunch)
 75g butter, cut into small chunks

Oven at Gas Mark 6/200c

Sprinkle the caster sugar over the shopped rhubarb. Mix it round and put into a medim sized ovenable container.

Mix all of the crumble ingredients in a bowl, and uyse your fingers to rub in the butter. The mix should be too crumbly to adhere like a shortbread mix, but clumpier than your usual 'breadcrumbs' level.

Tip the crumble over the fruit mix, and make sure the fruit is totally covered. Don't pat the crumble down: just pop it in the oven.

Give it 40 minutes and your fruit should be deliciously mushy and your crumble a perfectly baked yellowy-brown. You can check the fruit with a skewer if you feel the need.


You can make crumble with pretty much any fruit going: the only thing you need to do is alter the sugar levels in the fruit base. Rhubarb is about as sour as you get (unless you want to talk about gooseberries) - so if you use any other fruit, you'll need less sugar. This depends on your taste. Try a bit of guesswork - what's the worst that can happen? The crumble topping here is pretty sweet, so you can err on the side of sour and trust the topping to balence out the dessert.


* If Delia or Nigella ever read this, then: sorry. We might just have different criteria for crunchy crumble.

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