the great debate

Inspired by a nice young man, our new debate topic is: what is your favourite cup of tea? Tea, time, location, place and company are all open to debate...

quotes - start My favourite brew is the one you make at home, take with you when you climb Crib Goch (or any conveniently located mountain) and enjoy while sat on top of the world contemplating life's little mysteries. quotes -end Richard

quotes - start I like a good simple cup of earl grey. of course, the tea selection around here leaves a lot to be desired. As for location, say at a lake house, with the mountains on the other side of the lake. Far removed from any other signs of life. And a cold morning. Fog off the lake. Cloudy skies with a few patches of blue here and there. No computer, no cell. quotes -end Lefthand

quotes - start I like a good cup of Tetleys, PG Tips or Taylor's Yorkshire, although I did come across a yummy tea recently in a pressie that I got given - its by Ahmad Tea of London and its an afternoon tea flavoured with bergamot. Blummin' luv'ly, it is. Probably sat in a Chesterfield in front of a roaring fire or in a tearoom with lots of doilies. And polite company is always good for these things :-) quotes -end  Zoe

quotes - start The best cuppa for me would be Assam (twinings) after a long days skiing - you need to have taken the tea bags with you! With whoever your on your hols with, take the boots off and put the kettle on. quotes -end  Janine

quotes - start I still remember my favourite cup of tea as being in a cafe at the bottom of Snowden. I'd been walking with friends up Snowden and got caught in a whiteout on the way up, missing the path in the process. It was hard going and very slippy trying to get down. At the bottom we went for tea to warm up. Someone produced a hip flask with Jack Daniels in it. I can still taste the warm tea with a nip of JD. Warms the cockles. quotes -end Cathy

quotes - start My favourite cup of tea is the one that appears every weekend morning. It's brought to me in bed, with something to eat (malt loaf or crumpets). A cup of tea also appears on weekday mornings for me to drink once I'm out of the shower. The tea is replaced with filter coffee and the malt loaf with sugar doughnuts when we're on holiday. This is because the US doesn't really do tea. quotes -end  Tea Tester Angela

quotes - start I don't drink tea, or coffee for that matter. Although I do drink the odd mocha (or caramelatte) if I'm ever in a Nero. I think the added flavouring just takes the edge of the coffee-ness. quotes -end  Jacqui

quotes - start My most favourite cup of tea ever was when I had afternoon tea on my wedding day this year! I wouldn't have had anything else and the cakes and scones that went with it were divine...quotes -end Caroline

quotes - start Definitely at the Magpie Cafe in Whitby, where they still use proper tea leaves, with a strainer, alongside a mighty plate of skate & chips. Usually on a cold, sunny day in March, when we've stopped over for The Gentleman Caller's birthday. Aah, bliss...quotes -end Kirstin

is a jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake?

open quotes See to me Jaffa cakes are clearly a cake as I base my decision on the following simple to follow formula. If it is hard fresh and softens when it goes stale, it's a biscuit.
If it is soft fresh and hardens when it goes stale, it is cake.close quote

when brewing your tea in a teapot, on pouring into your cup do you add your milk first or last?

quotes - start Without a doubt, milk in first, otherwise you get that tea scum floating on the top of your brew.quotes -end  Pinny

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