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No chain coffee shops are to be found here. This listing is for genuine one-offs and small chains, where you can go for a special and unique tea and cake experience. No mass-made-last-week bog-standard cake, no instant coffee, and definitely no milk in little plastic containers. We're interested in the real deal, a good old-fashioned afternoon treat of an experience. The kind of place where you can sit down and spin a yarn.

If you know of a good tea and cake venue we have not listed, please spill the beans and share it with other teaandcake lovin' fans though the power of the world wide web.


Is where this website started out, and we know best our local stomping ground. If you have a favourite teaandcake venue we have not listed, please email to let us and the rest of the teaandcake lovin' community know

West Yorkshire


The Crown Coffee House

On first glance, The Crown Coffee House looks a bit like a Greggs - they do sausage rolls & sandwiches, and a brisk trade at lunchtime.  But note IT'S NOT LIKE GREGGS. Most of their display counter is taken up with cakes, which aren't labelled.  You'll have to ask for help to pick what you want, which is clever - as soon as you've had half the contents of the counter described, you'll be deciding that the 'buy four, get fifth free' offer is sounding rather good.  they change with the seasons.  I mean, they sell three different types of tiffin.  There is also table-service style tea room 'propper' upstairs.

Crossley Street, Halifax.

Sowerby Bridge

Deli Belge

Forgive this place the name (it always makes me think of bulging bellies...) a real risk if you eat here regularly, as they are passionate about local sourcing. From locally-made pies to cakes and ales, the place is a foodies' heaven. They brew teapigs tea andmake great sandwiches.



Gabriel's is a friendly spot to stop at for a cuppa. Based in a fabulous old building in Sowerby Bridge's canal basin, there are a few different rooms with cozy seats and nooks.  

The hot chocolate is particularly amazing, and if you drop in you'll always find a scone waiting to be eaten.



The Works

I'd better confess up-front that The Works is actually a Public House. Based in a refurbished foundry, the bar is large, light & airy.  But they do such nice food and offer very reasonably priced pots of tea that I wanted to tell you about them.

They always have a cake or a crumble on the specials board & sponge puddings are a constant feature on the menu.



Roots & Fruits Café

The Grand Arcade, Leeds City Centre
A great and little-known vegetarian café that have a revolving menu of excellent freshly made cake of the day specials. Also has good little collection of herbal and caffeinated teas, friendly service, and a surprisingly pleasant orange décor.

The Tilled Hall Cafe

Leeds City Art Gallery
This cafe is in a beautifully restored Victorian tiled hall. They serve excellent value afternoon teas (with real clotted cream - always a good
sign). It does seem to be staffed by slightly confused students, but they once gave Sam two slices of Lemon Meringue Pie instead of one so we are not complaining. It's a wonderful place to sit, relax and watch the world go by.

Shaky Jakes

North Lane, Headingly

A small confession: although Shaky Jakes do sell tea, they do not sell cakes. They will, however, put a cake into a blender and make it into a milkshake for you. Seriously: you can get a caramel shortbread milkshake, an apple pie milkshake, a jam tart milkshake, a lemon meringue pie milkshake... the possibilities and combinations possible at Shaky Jakes using their two hundred stock ingredients are infinite. If you are a very lucky soul, you might even live within their catchment area for home delivery.http://www.teaandcake.co.uk/t/e/teaandcake/public_html/www.shakyjakes.co.uk

Leeds Museum Tea Room

Millennium Square, Leeds City Centre

One of Leeds' newest teandcake joints is strongly reminiscent of one of our favourite haunts, the Tiled Hall gallery. The décor is simple and relaxed, the cakes fresh, and the tea selection small but perfectly formed. Mike nearly broke a vase on his first visit - but this was OK as some other people knocked one over too, and the next time we went they'd replaced them all with square non-rolling ones. All in all a relaxing and reasonable joint, made formidably fabulous by being enclosed in the basement and sprawling into a patio outside the steps of Leeds Museum. Leeds Museum is home to fabulous artefacts, furred and feathered things, fantastic curved stairwells and camouflage animal costumes for children to play in. Go visit.www.leeds.gov.uk/citymuseum/

Cheerful Chilli

East Chevin Road, Otley

Reports have reached teaandcake of a place where you turn up to find cakes cooling outside on a stone wall. Visiting this place is like going back in time. Fantastic food is served with wonderful fresh home-baked cakes. www.bizwiki.co.uk/cafes/197611/the-cheerful-chilli.htm

Bakery Coffee House

Golden Acre Park, Leeds
It had good cake. And decent hot chocolate, too, for all that it came out of a machine. I had a piece of victoria sponge, which was pretty decent possibly home-made sponge cake with excellent buttercream and just slightly too little jam. There was a chocolate cake there as well, which looked good, and the scones had a home-made look to them. There's loads of room outside, too, and they do hot meals. A nice, different place to pop in for a cuppa.

Pickles & Potter (Deli & Cafe)

18-20 Queens Arcade, Leeds

This is a little cafe tucked away in Queens Arcade. With big windows to watch the world go by, chunky wooden furniture to rest your tea and cake on... it's defiantly worth a visit for this and the friendly staff alone! But on top of all that it also has the most amazing chocolate brownie. If your a fan of the chocolate brownie this is a top pick to have with your cuppa. We also tried the caramel slice and the flapjack...mmm. They also do hot and cold savoury food made from fresh ingredients and the deli shop sells it's own homemade pickles and jams.
info@picklesandpotter.co.uk | 0113 242 7702

Roast and Conch

55 Boar Lane, Leeds

This brand new place is on the edge of the stylish 'Trinity' centre. In common with the development as a whole, the industrial concrete facade is given a decor face-lift of "urban charm" decor (i.e. you can still see the heating ducts, but the lights are cool, so it's O.K). The products on sale are as stylish as those in Urban Outfitters; to wit: cocoa. NOT chocolate. Don't get those two things confused in this establishment, as the Roast & Conch treats cocoa nibs like coffee. Ground and served in cafertieres, baked in to scones and biscuits - the combinations in the cafe seem endless, and the main restaurant upstairs is reputedly even more creative. It's a great place to go for a novelty, but would I be in there every week? I might - just - if their excellent range of unsweetened hot chocolates is available to go.


Laynes Espresso

New Station Street, Leeds

laynesOK, it's labelled up as coffee shop. But this place is otherwise PERFECT. I walked in last December and was hit by a warm wall of (tea)brewing and baking smells. This place is small but perfectly formed, the staff are friendly, the home-made cakes are unusual and fabulous. And these chaps know their way around both the tea bush and the coffee bean. Best of all, it's by the station, so you can grab a cup to go and take a sweet little slice of heaven with you.

(image pinched from Laynes' website - we hope you don't mind :)

http://www.laynesespresso.co.uk/ & http://laynesespresso.tumblr.com/


Dulcie Butterfly, Swillington

You could be forgiven for missing this place. It's buried in the middle of an housing estate. There are no signposts. If you find it, you'll first be bemused by the tiny size and also distracted by the vintage tat (we mean that in the nicest way) which both provides decor and is on sale.

Moving on to the important bit (the t&c) - the cakes were fresh, unrefrigerated and heavenly. Sam had a slice of first rate Victoria Sponge (her favorite). Janine went for the gluten free chocolate cake - it was moist and had a great texture & dense chocolate taste. Baby I also picked out a pink-iced fairy bun & demolished it very successfully. Three thumbs up.

The tea - a small but perfectly formed menu. Sam was sorely tempted by the Rocky Road hot chocolate, but stayed true to the tea test and went for a lavender black tea. Janine, sticking with the floral, went for a rose tea (normal tea was available: we were just giddy). Both teas were well balanced - light and refreshing with the strength of the black tea to give the cup good substance.

Last - but not least - we have to confess that the charming proprietress stole our hearts with her charm. This little venue does a range of activities for the local community, from child craft classes to spiritualist evenings. We're a little in love with this little place, its sugar tongs and glittery flowers. It's everything a genteel tea room should be, from toasted crumpets to comfy cushions.


Baraka, Garforth

A regular stop for locals but unknown outside the area, Baraka have 2 places in Garforth. Both are social enterprises, supporting local suppliers, communities and staff.

The furniture is chunky and rustic and the atmosphere totally relaxed. The extensive range of hot chocolates will tempt all but the most severe. The range of cakes (displayed on the counter as all good cakes should  be) was everything you'd expect from a high street coffee shop. Janine said it best: it's the quality you'd expect from a major chain without being a major chain'!. One branch is in the library, the other features a book retail corner. Tea+Cake+Books = the best most amazing formula ever.

We liked it. You'll see us in there again, we have no doubt. 






1 North Street, Keighley

It is is a very friendly, homely place that is fashioned in the 1940's - very unusual! Tea and coffee is served in tea/coffee pots with china cups and saucers. The tea pots have tea cosies. The detailed of this place is fascinating, its like stepping back in time. The food is simple but very nice and the staff are really helpful. Its well worth a visit!



Interludes Café

Shipley, West Yorkshire
This is a fantastic little 1920s style tea room. They have great service and offer breakfast items like boiled eggs and soldiers and porridge. All their cakes and ice creams are home made, and they also have excellent sandwiches and hot food. They take their vintage & retro seriously, making tea and cake here a memorable experience.  http://www.interludecafes.com/


A Month of Sundaes

Marsden, Huddersfield

This place have a huge long counter full of home made ice cream flavours and it's such good value. You can get three scoops of ice cream and a slice of cake for only ££ and the ice cream is just amazing. I had the lemon curd ice cream and it was gorgeous. They also do sandwiches in case you feel the need to have something savoury before you start on the ice cream and cakes. It's just amazing. They have a whole range of toppings and you can even buy crazy things like ice cream sandwiches.


The Dining Rooms

At Strawberry Fair
A real "ladies who lunch" kinda place. Their afternoon tea comes highly rated.



Towngate Tea Room & Deli 

Located in the centre of Heptonstall on the main road through the village. A lovely little place for a pit stop... or if you fancy grabbing a take-away for a walk in the area. Friendly with a good selection of tea and freshly made cakes. 

Opening times: 
Monday - Closed all day | Tuesday  - Closed  all day | Wednesday  -  12-7 | Thursday  -  10-7 | Friday  -  10-7 | Saturday  -  10-5 | Sunday  -  10-5 
 Off license , Daily take-away specials , Sandwiches freshly made to order on freshly baked bread , Cheese olives salad , Ice cream Eat in or out ( Call for more information: Marianne 07989 321931 ) 

East Yorkshire


The Kavanaghs Tea Room

This is a fantastic grade 2 listed building which is very handily near Hull Station. Have a cup of tea with a slice of Cinnamon Toast and watch the world go by. www.kavanaghs.ltd.uk/hull.htm

The Old Rectory

Hallgate, Cottingham

This lovely little place does a fantastic pot of strong tea, and absolutely divine, fresh home made cakes. The chocolate lime cheesecake is amazing.

The Dancing Goat

Beverley Road, Hull

We drove past this. I screeched 'STOP!'. We needed breakfast. With a name like 'The Dancing Goat', an creative, independent cafe seemed guaranteed. This place has a fantastic fridge full of home-made panninis and sandwiches and some hot specials. The cakes - I'll be honest, I'm not sure who made them. But the pastries were fresh, they have an appropriately quirky collection of teapots and the staff were lovely.

Even the other customers were nice - one person asked if we needed them to leave so we could nick their table (no - bless!) and another if we needed another chair (yes- thanks!). If you are in the neighbourhood and this is your local coffee house, we are jealous. The decor is modern and understated and the cafe runs some evening events. The cafe's name comes from coffee's discovery - apparently a goatheard saw his goats chewing some beans, tried a few himself, and was so energised he danced a jig with his herd. 



Well Lane, Beverley

This place is great, they do fabby home made cakes, puddings and a nice cuppa. Go there next time you're in Hull: they are not open on Sundays though!



Skinner Street 

This place is a bit of a legend. Their brack is a must-try.


North Yorkshire


Betty's Tea Rooms

St Helen's Square
We can't really not mention Betty's. Old-fashioned service, Taylors of Harrogate teas in elegant little silver teapots, and best of all, a cake trolley. You don't even have to read a menu to work out what kind of cake you want, you can just summon the trolley and point. This place is about old-fashioned decadence - I mean, where else can you go for a plate of pikelets, dripping in butter, and be served by a member of staff wearing a frilly apron? (Sam) www.bettys.co.uk

Spring Espresso

45 Fossgate, YO1 9TF
Get a warm welcome at this fab cafe with homemade cakes, interesting teas, frothy coffee and the sandwiches sound good too. www.springespresso.co.uk

The Earl Grey Tea Rooms:

The Shambles 
Enjoy a cream tea in the oak-beamed Earl Grey Tea Rooms in York's most ramshackle tourist spot - The Shambles. You don't get more British than this.

Bullivant of York

'A member of the Tea Council Guild of Tea Shops'. 15 Blake Street, York, Y018QJ.

This award winning tea shop has all the frills you would expect from a traditional tea shop. Plenty on the menu to choose from from breakfast options, soup, hot meals, light snacks and of course what we all look for CAKE! A good spot to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city... the only noise is the chatter of friends catching up and clinking of tea pots.

The Retreat Café


Vegetarian/vegan and does some excellent homemade cakes. Great value for
money, too.

The Corner Cupboard


A real curiosity - half antique shop and half quirky tea room. Their dessert menu is extensive and all home made. Really good.



Betty's Tea Rooms

Parlaiament Street
Yes, we're mentioning Betty's again. We try not to mention chains, but Betty's is a little chain, so we are going to. And we do so love the buttered piklets and the cake trolley.www.bettys.co.uk


West Park 
Weeton's sell a huge selection of local and farm-made produce, as well as importing essential exotics like excellent olives. They also have a clean and modern little cafe. They have seats outside overlooking Harrogate park. It is a gorgeous, simple place for true foodies.http://www.weetons.com/

Café Milan

Oxford Street
Café Milan have biiig wedges of homemade cakes and cheesecakes. Really, just fantastic cakes. And good, solid cups of tea. It is a place which made us happy.www.myspace.com/milanscoffeehouse


Lavender Tea Rooms

They sell lavender shortbread and wonderful soup! The room has old wooden beams in and it's got a lovely relaxed feel.

The Black Swan Tea Rooms

This place is pretty special. Their patisserie chef is formerly from a Michelin starred establishment and it shows. It's pricey, but worth it.



South Yorkshire


Colemand Deli

The Square, Main Road, Hathersage
This was a great spot... a good selection of homemade cakes - we tried a few - all very good! A variety of different tea's not just the normal English Breakfast! (and for coffee fans I remember there being quite a selection) The deli savouries looked tasty and they also sold a variety of different teas/ pickles/ jams etc in the shop. 
01433 650505



Just the other side of the Pennines from teaandcake's home turf of Yorkshire. They do amazing cakes, puddings and chocolates. Probably the best of its kind in the North.


The Lake District 

The Brewery Arts Centre

We stumbled upon this piece of bohemian paradise by chance. It's a cinema, art gallery, café, bar, restaurant, and a venue for local classes all rolled into one. It's a converted brewery building with lovely original features - massive barrels turned into booth seats in the bar and wide floodlit stairs outside. We ordered a sticky toffee pudding and couldn't believe our luck when it turned up - it was beautifully presented with dried starfruit segments, a brandy snap ice cream basket and a long twirl of hard caramel standing upright like a straw. Needless to say it tasted as divine as it looked, and we're itching to go back to check out the rest of the menu.


Lillys Tea Room

Yarborough Road, Keelby, Grimsby
Lilly's Tea Room in Keelby has just opened and already a busy bustling place. Myself and 5 other friends with babies went for lunch and it was lovely. Great sandwiches and jacket potatoes, quiche etc on the menu plus a large selection of cakes yum! I had the chocolate fudge cake (so good) but my husband had a toffee apple cup cake and he said this was amazing!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lillys-Tearoom-Keelby/240528736062879

Uncle Henry's

Grayingham, Gainsborough
Uncle Henry's is a pig farmer who has converted a barn into a tea shop. No, wait and listen... as well as fresh produce and pickles and fruit and veg, Uncle Harry has fresh farm baked cakes. You can visit for afternoon tea or a slap up feast. The portions are huge and the staff are lovely, too. www.unclehenrys.co.uk

Live, Love & Create

23 Wrawby Street, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 8JJ
I popped in after it was recommended by a friend. Its a great spot for tea and cake, or a snack. We tried the victoria sponge cake and a chocolate cake both very nice, lovely and light. This is more than just a tea and cake place though... its a place to be creative - from pottery painting, Decopatch, puppet making or t-shirt painting. If you don't fancy that they also have arts and crafts items for sale in their gift shop. Check out their website for more details. 
www.livelovecreate.co.uk or call 01652 600992

The Loft Restaurant

10 Wrawby Street, Brigg, DN20 8JH
We popped in for a pot of tea for two (nice big teapot) and a slice of homemade victoria sponge cake. The staff were very friendly and welcoming... a great spot for tea and cake or more! 
www.grandads-shed.com or call 01652 650416


Victoria and Albert Museum

South Kensington
We suggest that you do NOT sit in the outdoor café. It has pretty lemon trees, but we got served Earl Grey we didn't ask for, the water wasn't boiling, and the whole thing went straight into a plastic mug. That's not how to make a decent cuppa. Explore the V&A a little more to find the indoor tea room. A cafeteria-style serving area leads into two splendidly tiled, original Victorian rooms: high-ceilinged, with a marble fireplace and stained glass windows. The indoor café also had a towering pile of majestic white merangues which when eaten fractured into sticky, messy splinters served with cream and jam. Perfect for sharing. http://www.vam.ac.uk/

The Market Coffee House

opp. Spittafields Market
Walking into this coffee house feels a little like time has stopped. The interior has traditional wood paneling and pale sage green walls. The tables are mismatched, though all in dark wood, and some are quite frankly a little wobbly. The place is spotless, service is quick, and the menu lists teas by country of origin, and includes their own house blend iced ginger darjeeling. On to food, you can get a slice of toast first thing, a slice of chocolate pecan chocolate loaf cake if your sweet tooth is calling, or some clam chowder from the specials board if you fancy something more hearty. So nice you'll forget you came to Spittalfields for the market...

Kitchen and Pantry

Notting Hill
Kitchen and Pantry is a largish friendly place, with ginormous wooden tables and leather chairs. The cake menu was quite varied, and included a variety of great waffles (we had the cappuccino, cinnamon and white chocolate waffle), and a good variety of teas.


Greystones Tea Shop

Time for Tea

2 Church Street, Leek 
Opposite the market place is well worth a visit as the owner serves excellent home made cakes, scones, soups and pate in a friendly atmosphere. The café is part of Church Street Clocks where you can see clocks being restored and learn about the history of the 17th building in which it is set. They serve beautiful home made cakes (they have many special recipes, one of which is ginger bread a recipe they have used for many years and keep a secret - I tried it and it is lovely). The menu also includes some fantastic home made soup - which I also tried - Watercress and spinach - just perfect. Home made pate is also on the menu.



The Polly Tearooms

Just near to the centre is this jem of a traditional tea shop. A perfect spot for lunch or afternoon tea... the fresh cakes looked fantastic!
The Polly Tearooms, 8 St. Thomas's Square, Salisbury, Wiltshire. 01722 336037



Tea Tree Tea

13 Bread Street, Edinburgh
This is a great tea shop for a quick pit stop, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, or a lazy Sunday afternoon reading the paper. It has plenty of space with an upstairs area where you can sit next to a large window and watch the world go by... or a down stairs area if there's a bit of a group of you who fancy a chat. The owners know there tea/s and how to prepare loose tea to perfection. I tried Oolong tea for the first time, which I can recommend, very refreshing. The owners are on hand to help with your choice if you get stuck (or indecisive like myself!). We also sampled the cakes which where homemade and as you'd expect, very good. For more visitwww.teatreetea.com or call 0131 228 3100

Great Grog Company Ltd

On Rose Street (off Hanover St), Edinburgh
If you're like we were... on Princes Street and fancy a nice spot for a cuppa, this is a winner. Good music, very chilled, comfy big sofa's and chairs that made us want stay for two cups of tea. To find it its 1st street North parallel to Princes Street, in the block in between Hanover & Frederick streets. For more visit www.greatgrog.co.uk



Jessie's Dairy

This is a friendly little place... perfect for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea! It has a little outdoor area where you can sit and relax. It is also dog friendly.
9 Fore Street, Mousehole, Cornwall.

St. Ives  

St. Andrews St Bistro

We ate here for our evening meal... it was the best of our trip! We had Ostrich with sweet potato mash and cheesecake for dessert. Fantastic!
St. Andrews Bistro, 16 St. Andrews Street, St. Ives, TR26 1AH

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