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Brewing Instructions:

Place one teabag into a cup or mug. Add freshly boiled water, leave to brew for three to five minutes according to taste. Squeeze the bag with a spoon, then remove.

The packaging says:

Pungent leaves of peppermint and spearmint. A refreshing blend for any time of the day.

The Tea Testers Said:

A refreshing mint tea. Surprisingly good (and even mintier?) with milk, also good with sugar. A, calm, smooth, sophisticated cuppa that has an authentic mint taste like XXX mints or toothpaste. Spicy and fragrant, this will help clear your nose… unless you don’t like herbal teas, in which case you wouldn’t wish this on a starving cat in a lifeboat.

de-t-ailed feedback

Alex: Distinctly minty. I would say this is pure mint tea with nothing added. Probably better with a little sugar and is surprisingly good with some milk also.

Stephen: Sample 3 - well.... what can I say. I don't do lesbian teas. I don't know how the phrase came about as I have never seen a lesbian drinking herbal infusions. I picked he phrase up at university and as I went to art college that may explain a great deal. Or not. Art is like that. I did brew it up for Kerry who is partial to the odd herbal, but she declined to drink it although she did identify it as peppermint and camomile or some such. While I was most pleased to be sampling for tea&cake again, I wouldn't wish sample 3 on a starving cat in a lifeboat. After the joys of 1 and 2, 3 was quite a shock to the system and that was just the smell as we then threw it out.

Lucy: Guess: Peppermint. Hello again, Mr.Mint, I am ever so sorry I have neglected you recently. I admit I take you a little bit too much for granted, and only show you some love when my tummy is having a bad day, although tasting your clean freshness today I have realized you are so much more than a digestive aid. You are a truly refreshing, sophisticated cuppa, and you make me feel alive, tingly and clean (a bit like a good hosing down on a hot day.) I promise I will not overlook you so much in the future, and someone once gave me the glorious tip of tying a bag to a running tap - to create a revitalising bath brew!

Paula: Smells spicy and fragrant. I can tell it’s a herbal tea when water is added as colour is quite light. Pepperminty taste, stronger than others I have tasted. Helped clear my blocked nose! Nice strong colour- infused well. Good pepperminty taste, not too sweet. Authentic mint taste not as synthetic as some brands. Very satisfying and refreshing!

Paula’s boyfriend Mark: Slow to infuse but once it has done, has a nice honey colour. Slight metallic taste but this could be due to my cold! Nice full pepperminty after taste- mmmmmm. Better mint taste than other teas-more authentic. Reminds me of 'Imperial mints'. Would definitely drink again.

Beccie: This one also smelled minty. I tried two cups of this - one with milk and one without. It went a horrible colour when I added milk!! Strangely, I found the cup with milk tasted stronger than the one without! It tasted fresh and minty, and made my lips tingle upon my first sip. After swallowing, the air in my mouth felt cold - a similar sensation to that after using mouthwash! A bit of an odd tea I thought – I wouldn't want anything sweet with it. And for me, it's not really worth having a tea without cake or a biscuit!

Adele: Finally I moved onto bag C. On having a good sniff of this tea bag I thought it smelled quite minty and this smell became much stronger on pouring in the hot water. The colour of the tea was very green compared to the definite browns of the previous two. And the taste - well it was minty! I love a nice mint tea and this was just right. Calming and smooth with a nice fresh mintyness on the after taste.

Linette: Tea C. The smell of peppermint gives this away before I even get to the bag itself and yes, the leaves come up a bright shade of green when the water is poured onto them. This I brewed for a good 4 minutes. Realising it wasn't going to help with the tasting I realise I have to put my chocolate aside.

The tea pours out as a very pale green, almost golden, liquor. The taste immediately conjures up the Algerian console's office where I last had peppermint tea, with its silver tray and glasses with gold trim.

Luckily, because I have made this myself, there won't be a thick syrup of melted sugar in the bottom of the cup. It is still quite a sweet taste to me, but refreshing and pleasant (although the non-tea drinker in the house commented that "it smells like toothpaste" which made not thinking that somewhat difficult). I would most likely prefer to drink this on a hot summer's day from a decorative glass.

Sabrina: I've not drunk tea C yet. I know it's mint so have been kind of avoiding it, not being much of a fan of mint :P

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