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PG tips decaf

Brewing Instructions:

Use one bag per. cup, add freshly boiled water and allow to infuse your preferred strength.

The packaging says:

Your natural source of antioxidants!

The Tea Testers Said:

A strong brew, quite dark tasting and creamy. Noticeably PG Tipps! Did the triangular bag give this away? Interestingly, no tea tester spotted this as a decaf, though it was described as 'unsatisfying' due to the lack of caffeine...

A note of caution before you begin: for the first tea test, teaandcake packaged all teas in paper envelopes. As Tea Taster Geof realised, this storage was not sufficient to stop the aroma of the spicy chai tea seeping and creeping into the other tea samples. We will switch to plastic packaging next time, and warn you the reader back at home: store your teas with caution, or they all may taste the same...

de-t-ailed feedback

Janine: This brewed well - it was strong though, I'd need milk with it. It's not something I'd buy as I found it a bit too strong and overpowering.

Mrs J: This one was quite strong and dark tasting - probably too strong for me. It tastes like an English blend, and I think it would be quite caffeinated.

Stephen: First thing I noticed was the slightly unorthodox bag shape. It brewed very quickly and I'm not sure on the flavour but it did taste very familiar, perhaps Assam or even dare I say it normal breakfast tea - PG tips perhaps. Can I picture a chimp drinking it? Well, maybe. The colour was slightly richer than the others and it tasted quite savoury, would go nicely with a rich tea or maybe one of those biscuits with the cow on it. Queen Victoria would certainly favour this tea, as would our Liz and probably even Helen Mirren.

Geof: The bag is pyramidal. AND it smells faintly of cinnamon. And the tea tastes a lot like normal brown with a hint of cinnamon. I'm taking this as proof of HYPOTHESIS (1). How I'd have it: not tasting of cinnamon, or with a nice biscuit to mask the cinnamon-y smell. When I'd have it: if I'd run out of normal tea that didn't smell a bit of the other tea in my cupboard. In short, don't keep chai with other tea. I thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Paula: The bag tasted quite cinnamon-y. The tea infused quite well - it had a nice, dark colour though it tasted lighter than it looked. It was slightly aromatic - and a bit unsatisfying. I kept gulping down more to get the tea taste. It grew on me after a few sips. I'd drink this in the afternoon, as I think it was a bit lighter than the average tea.

Paula's boyfriend Mark: This tastes lighter than you would expect from the colour - a bit milky and chocolatey. It had a slightly dry, tannin-y aftertaste and lacked something in the middle taste somewhere - it was a bit unsatisfying. Maybe it didn't agree with the Yorkshire water... I wouldn't choose to drink this again.

Beccie: This one tasted the most like your standard, everyday cup of tea. I liked it: it was a nice colour, and it brewed well. I'd definatley have another cup. It's the sort of tea for any day or any occasion... I can imagine a really sugary cup of this one would be good for a hangover. This is the more 'creamy' type of tea that I like. Delightful!

Angela: Smelt bad, but looked convincing (right colour). Couldn't really taste anything much like tea, and then got a really nasty aftertaste. I threw this away and then made a mug of my normal brew - I'll palm the second bag teaandcake sent off at work. Queen Victoria would not have been amused.

Adele: I had this with a mid-afternoon snack of marmite on toast. Whilst the kettle boiled I examined the teabag: this was the minolo blanik of tea bags: a fancy little triangle number with a pristine white complexion and no doubt scientifically designed perforations. I was so completely enamoured by the design of the teabag that I completely forgot to have a good sniff. However, the freshly brewed tea didn't smell of much. The tea itself was golden brown. As to the taste... well... I don't think the marmite was a good tea tasting aid, so I think you might have to try this one yourself!

Linette: A milder tea by far than the first tea, aided somewhat by having no brewing time in the instructions which meant I make it as I liked. This tea still had a hint of smokiness but this time it balanced somewhat which indicates a blend of some sort, possibly assam with a bit of darjeeling/ceylon or a mixture of the latter. I would guess this is PG tips or one of its ilk as it is a good one-cup teabag that produces a milder tea that could brew up stronger if required and suits both milk or without. Sipped quite well and certainly suits the non milk drinker more than tea A.

Sabrina: Having brewed it to "middling" strength we tried the tea initially without milk. Surprisingly I found this even less tanniny than brew A though I think this may have been more due to the ability to brew it for less than a good two minutes. Again however this smoothness is negated as the tea cools. The pyramid shaped tea bag does make me think this is a cup of PG tips. On the whole if given the choice of the three teas, A is definitely my favourite. And though I'm not really a fan of aniseedy taste I'd rather have B than C.

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