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There are a plenty of other sites on the internet that will interest you teaancake lovers. Here are some of our favourites.

a nice cup of tea and a sit down

We have this site bookmarked, and so should you. Nice and Wifey are a winning team, presenting the latest news and stories, and they have an unparalleled collection of biscuit reviews. We are sure that if we met, we would get along famously.


Ever come across a new variety of KitKat that no one else has heard of - and then wondered if it was a dream? Snackspot is here to catalogue and document occurrences of new phenomenon, and review them for your peace of mind and edification.

pimp that snack

You know that telly programme with cars, which a team of experts then make bigger and better? Pimp That Snack does this with biscuits. People make giant versions of things and then send them into the site. We like the Rubix Cube Cake.

cake wrecks

Cake Wrecks is one website that has us in stitches - and we're always surprised that more people don't already have it bookmarked.  Cake wrecks is all about 'professional' cakes that have gone horribly, awfully wrong...

Local Links

You may have noticed by the plethora of tea shop reviews from West Yorkshire that this is where the teaandcake team are based.  You'd be right.  If you're also in this neck of the woods, here are some local links.  Leave the online world and find real-life tea and cake fans at these places...

buns and roses

Leeds City Centre's Women's Institute, home of crafting over cocktails, wine spritzers and frequented by the under forties (gasp).  The friendlist place around for cake decorating classes and to find friends who also have a passion for homemade.

clandestine cake club

A monthly club for local cake-makers to roll up to with their latest creations to get appreciation and find like-minded friends.  You might even bump into teaandcake's Mike here, and get to taste one of his delectable creations...

iron cupcake

Part of a national network of cupcake clubs (really!), Iron Cupcake Leeds is the place for anyone serious about cupcakes to go to for tasting, trials, and (possibly) the glory of winning the iron cupcake challenge...

sunshine bakery

If you're anywhere near Chapel Allerton, then you should visit the sunshine bakery to discover their damn fine cupcakes.   The bakery is run by David, former Chef for Marco Pierre-White.  He is a very nice man. 

temple works 

A fantastically quirky building in Leeds which hosts a variety of fabulous, frivolous, arcane, wacky and wonderful projects and events.  Temple Works acts as a test space for a variety of cultural concepts.  You are probably thinking that this description doesn't tell help you work out what Temple Works actually does, and this is exactly why you should visit their website, paying particular attention to the coming events calender so you can go and see for yourself.

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