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clipper organic english breakfast

Brewing Instructions:

one teabag per. person. Boil freshly drawn water. Infuse for two to five minutes. Sweeten if preferred.

The packaging says:

"a delicious, full bodied blend of the finest organic Assam and Ceylon teas".

Tea Tasters Said:

Simple, 'no-frills' bag. Mild and fresh. A medium strength tea which brewed well. This tea was spot-able as a "wake up" Breakfast Tea blend - though some people said that they would need something stronger first thing.

A note of caution before you begin: for the first tea test, teaandcake packaged all teas in paper envelopes. As Tea Taster Geof realised, this storage was not sufficient to stop the aroma of the spicy chai tea seeping and creeping into the other tea samples. We will switch to plastic packaging next time, and warn you the reader back at home: store your teas with caution, or they all may taste the same...

de-t-ailed feedback

Janine: went well with chocolate! Refreshing, would be good after a heavy meal. Tasted light, clean and fresh.

Mrs J: Quite mild and fresh - would brew well and not stew easily. Is it English Breakfast?

Mr J: Thought it was a bit weak, but would like another cup. Quite delicate flavour - kept me awake.

Stephen: this one smelled quite sweet. Brewed well and quickly. The taste was not as strong as I was expecting from the smell, but the tea was very nice. Queen Victoria may well have enjoyed this with elevenses, perhaps with a tiffin of some kind.

Geof: it smells a little like ayurvedic chakra-balancing tea... but tastes a lot like regular brown tea when you haven't added milk/soya. Hmmmm, is this that silly red tea that's made from recycled pot pouri? No, still too tea-y. Actually it tastes quite good once it's cooled own, the spice-ish scent comes out more. Don't get me wrong it ain't quite a cup o' brown but if I found this was the only tea at a tea shop I wouldn't cry and/or eviscerate the owner. With soya milk: Not bad, the soya milk helps bring out the spice-thing quite nicely. Also the milky addition makes it possible to have a biscuit with it.

Paula: Smelled quite spicy when I opened the envelope but wasn't that spicy when brewed. More refreshing and lighter on the tastebuds than the average cuppa. Brewed to a good colour, had quite a strong tea taste with a slight aromatic edge - reminded me of earl grey. I might need something stronger first thing.

Paula's boyfriend Mark: Thin and fragrant - had a slightly flowery, smoky aftertaste. I'd think of this as a light afternoon tea - it was a bit familiar. Darjeeling? Lapsung? Not quite your average cuppa.

Beccie: This was quite strong and it had a slightly bitter aftertaste. It seemed to be a good breakfast tea - would kickstart the day and wake you up if you're not a fan of coffee. The more I drank, the more it grew on me - strong at first but nice by the bottom of the mug!

Angela: Tasted quite malty - also had a funny claggy aftertaste which made me want to drink something else to loose the aftertaste. It stained my china white mug! Probably good for people who need several cups to get going, or builders.

Adele: "a" was contained in an inconspicuous bag of the variety favoured by the more specialised tea making companies. You could describe it as the Birkenstock of tea bags: simple, straightforward and no doubt environmentally friendly. When brewed, it almost had a hint of lemon about it, and it was a very dark colour. I slurped it about my mouth in the manner of a wine taster. Unfortunately, this meant I spat the majority of it down my chin. It tasted very smokey in flavour, quite a potent tea with heavy under tones of tannin. All in all a good strong cuppa, probably ideal to wake you up in the morning!

Linette: I brewed this for two minutes, which seemed far too long. I think this is a tea better brewed in a pot, which would take resteeping, or if you were running low, do two cups from one bag. The flavour is robust and smoky, which leads me to think this is probably an assam, or an african blend. Would probably work quite well sweetened to counteract the tannin (though I don't like sweet tea) and would also take milk well. Would make excellent "mouse trotter" tea as favoured by my work colleague or for builders who like a more robust cuppa.

Sabrina: The teabags when sniffed had a slight clovey smell to them. However on brewing this dissipated. I drank it without milk which is not usual for me: I was surprised to find it a rather pleasant brew nonetheless. The aftertaste is mellow and well rounded so no need to break open the fridge for the milk - though I think I'd prefer it with.

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