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This is the part of the site where we have a bit of fun. Actually, let me reword that: where we have a bit more fun. It is akin as the glossy gossip bit of the Sunday paper, written by a strangely tea obsessed editorial staff. Sit back on your buns and enjoy some lighthearted, nosey nonsense.

tea and cakes

win a set of 4 cups and saucers

We have a brand new competition for you teaandcake fans.  A bevy of brazen belles are featured on these fantastic cups and saucers.  They are quite titchy but perfect for you next soiree. 
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The first real issue of the Tea and Cake podcasts features a bunch of people drinking new tea, eating stuff and making sandwiches. A discussion of advertising and Eurovision also happens, plus we get to find out the best way of helping burns heal. As an added bonus: the sound of tea pouring and spoilers for Indiana Jones! More details and show notes will appear at in the near future.
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which cake are you?

Psychometric Test
Are you a staunch solid and dependable fruit cake or a delectably airy and traditional Vicky sponge?
Only one way to find out...
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reading tea leaves

Time to tie a hankie around your head and rename yourself Mystic Sally Rose - here's our guide by Miss Fay King to reading tea leaves...
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tea and cake quotes

open quotes If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. close quotes Japanese Proverb

This section contains just that, quotes about tea and cake.
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Want to know ow celebs take their tea? We hope you appreciate how much effort we have gone to, finding out the information on this section of the site. Journalists don't seem to ask this question much, clearly an oversight on their part...
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our favourite links

Some of our favourite fun sites on tea and cake.
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