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chocolate, fruit, nut & seed bites

This is possibly the easiest thing you could make and requires very little equipment.  We do have a cautionary tale, though....

ingredients: (makes approx 10)

200g of mixed dried fruit, nuts and seeds (you may be able to buy a mixed bag)
150g milk cooking chocolate (one large bar)

You'll need either greaseproof paper or if you don't have that you can use the inside packaging of an empty box of cereal.

Simply break up the chocolate bar into squares and place into a plastic bowl*.  Microwave for half a minute, stir, then microwave for a further half minute or until totally melted. 

Take the bowl out and stir with a wooden spoon.  Now pour all the dried fruit, nuts and seeds into the melted chocolate and stir until all the dry ingredients are covered with chocolate.

Next: using a tablespoon, spoon out the mixture into small round dollops onto your grease proof paper.  Leave to cool for 1 hour (or until the chocolate has set).

That's it!

*Don't do what I did...

The recipe is very easy, and you hopefully won't need this part. But as a cautionary tale, I'll tell you what happened when I used a ceramic bowl and lifted it out of the microwave with my bare hands.  My hands were also wet, as I had conscientiously been doing the washing up.  Of course, I ended up burning my finger.

So, I ran my finger under cold water then applied ice cubes to the blister for an hour - but it still hurt.  So I googled 'how to treat burns'. 

First bit of advice I found: you shouldn't put ice on a burn.  A few links later I found some more detailed advice.  I covered my big blister in Manuka honey (yep: honey). 

Normal honey will also be fine! I then wrapped my finger in cling film, so that the area was covered by four or five layers.  Five minutes later the burning sensation had stopped.  I kept the honey and cling film on for 12 hours (wrapping both ends to my finger with tape so it wouldn't leak or come off in the night) then swapped it for a plaster. 

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