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banana cake - healthy version


400g ripe bananas
50g chopped nuts
110ml sunflower oil
100g currants (or raisins)
75g rolled oat flakes (porridge oats)
125g flour (I used white but can use wholewheat)
half a teaspoon almond essence
pinch of salt

Pre-heat oven to Gas mark 5/190c/375f

Mash your banana's (I used a potato masher - but anyway you can is fine).

Add in all the other ingredients until the mixture is soft and moist.

Line and greese a 1lb loaf tin, and spoon in the mixture, smoothing the top.

Bake for 45-60 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes before placing on a cooling rack.

And your done... enjoy!

Optional: make this your own by adding in extra ingredients. I added a tub of blueberries and it was very good indeed.

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